How to: Vendor Shipping

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In order to set up various shipping methods for your products go into your vendor dashboard and go to Settings>Shipping and choose the Zone shipping method. Now add your shipping method.

If you are trying to add a flat rate to your products you have several options.

If your products require a shipping charge per quantity you can add this using a formula.

(cost per product shipping)*[qty]


If you have other products that require a different shipping cost you can use the shipping classes.

The shipping classes will add a value to the default cost above. For example: a shipping cost of $5 with a “Custom” shipping class cost of $10 would have a total shipping cost of $15. The class costs can be negative.

Any of the classes can be changed: custom, heavy, lightweight and overweight.

Under your vendor dashboard>products you can choose the shipping class you have created above for your products.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at or use our contact page.


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