Barnside, Ks

Tucked away in Kansas is a hand crafted, three story masterpiece of a skatepark. Made mostly by one man, Joel Smith, the park has been a work in progress for about ten years. We were able to get a hold of Smith for an interview and sesh in 20-30 degree weather.

Owner Joel Smith
Smith and TSM owner Dylan Wilson
Booze Cruisin
Smith informs the crew on his ice skateboard creation.
The pond wasn’t frozen over enough.
Maybe this summer.
If you thought the inside of the barn was enough gnar, there is a full on concrete pool out back.
Taj Salazar
Salazar doesn’t hesitate to slash.
Salazar sits this one out.
Salazar fs air.
Danny Burns slashes a bs 50-50.
Burns takes the snake run rout into the crete.
These transitions ain’t no joke. Wilson smokes this gap with the crew watching on.

Our interview will be in the fist issue of the Traveling Skateboarder Magazine. We will likely be putting a video together of the trip to be released later!


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